22 05 2009

The OPPO DV-983H represents a lot of firsts. It is the first flagship design from OPPO, it is the first DVD player on the market to use the ABT-102 chip from Anchor Bay Technology (DVDO), and it is the first player to ever score a perfect 100 in the Secrets DVD Benchmark™. OPPO is always impressive with their attention to detail and their ability to continue to push the envelope of price/performance with their DVD players and universal transports.

OPPO DV-983H 1080p Lettore DVD 1080p (HDMI)

OPPO DV-983H 1080p Lettore DVD 1080p (HDMI)

The 983H is also a true universal DVD player, offering DVD-Audio and SACD playback via HDMI (v1.2) or analog outputs. The Oppo DV-983H has all the charm of its previous models, plus it sports outstanding image quality. Its core video performance is superb. The player isn’t clipping any of the active image, retains the full dynamic range.

OPPO DV-983H accessories

The more important difference between the DV-983H and earlier OPPO players is in the processing system. While the DV-983H includes the Anchor Bay VRS suite, the DV-981HD uses Faroudja’s DCDi system, and all of the DV-980H’s video processing is on a single Mediatek chip. The DV-980H has been the darling of videophiles with high-end outboard video processors because it can output 480i/576i via HDMI. The DV-983H and DV-981HD can output at 480p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p.

Oppo has produced one heck of a machine. Its performance via HDMI with both video and audio is outstanding. It has been developed as a flagship player, and in that role it excels.

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20 05 2009


The OPPO’s LT-1905DT is the largest of the OPPO range. This combination TV incorporates just about every feature that a TV could have including both Freeview and multi-system analogue tuners, CD/DVD player, SD card reader and USB port. It can also be used as a computer monitor. With its 19” wide-screen display, it’s ideal for larger motor-homes, caravans and boats and for anyone who wants a big screen in a compact case.


The OPPO LT-1905DT LCD TV/DVD COMBO provides you a perfect mobile entertainment solution. LT-1905DT is versatile with, 19″ LCD TV/AV Receiver, Digital TV(DVB-T), 12 volt power supply, 3 in 1 card reader, USB, slot-in DVD player, Radio and many more features. Whether you place it in your car, boat or at home, the OPPO LT-1905DT will be your perfect entertainment solution.

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11 05 2009

This DVD player from OPPO Is quickly jumped to the top of the heap in many comparisons of players – and clearly not just for the very reasonable price. The DV-981HD is very similar to its predecessor, the DV-971HD but the DV-981HD offers upscaling to 1080p over its HDMI output.



There are much more noticeable improvement with most video upsampling vs. audio upsampling. The player incorporates uprezzing technology from leader in the field Faroudja and does offer further improvement in resolution with greater clarity and fewer noticeable artifacts. Faroudja’s TrueLife sharpening filter is included but can be defeated if you wish. It is more likely you will want to defeat the other filter and processing options offering on the 981, unless your personal sensitivity to certain colors is abnormal and you want to try using the Color Weakness facility.

The all-black design with little button clutter gives it a simple and refined look. It is packed carefully and comes with a classy black cloth bag, which could be used to take it places with you. It comes with a six-foot gold-plated HDMI cable, so you don’t have to invest in an overpriced cable to hook it up to your HDMI set. Disc-loading with the 981 is fairly rapid, and the remote is easy to use.

OPPO’s customer service is excellent. Just contact them and a helpful representative will work with you. Reports of glitches and incompatibilities are dealt with responsibly, and OPPO has already made some firmware updates to correct discovered faults on their players. They will also tell you exactly how to set up your player for “0 Region” coding – meaning that you can play NTSC and PAL DVDs from anywhere in the world without problems.

Nella confezione

cavo HDMI

The 981 is truly a universal player, handling just about everything on disc except for the Blu Ray format. Amazing images from nearly all of the clips – very close to the quality of a standard DVD and completely watchable. On the audio capability side, there are now many different DVD players in all price ranges which can handle both multichannel SACD and DVD-Audio discs, but if the 981 achieves even close to the audio quality on these formats that it does with video, it will be a tremendous winner due to the relatively low price point.

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OPPO HM-31 HDMI Switch

15 04 2009
OPPO HM-31 commutatore HDMI

OPPO HM-31 commutatore HDMI

Plain and simple, it’s an HDMI switch that accepts 3 inputs and sends the currently selected A/V signal to its one output.

There’s a few quality-related reasons that makes the OPPO HM-31 and excellent switch: firstly, it contains a signal equaliser, which aims to prevent signal drop-outs, which typically appear as flickering white or green pixels on the picture. Secondly, the HM-31 is one of the very first switches “to pass the HDMI 1.3 certification test”. Lastly, the HM-31 features an RS-232C port on the back. RS-232C is a communications protocol which is used for in automated home theatre systems, as it allows devices to talk to each other (for example, commands to dim the room lighting, part the curtains, drop a projection screen down from the ceiling, turn on the projector, and set the switch-box to the necessary input, could be sent to this port). The HM-31’s inclusion of this feature will allow system installers to fully integrate and automate the switch’s operation.

Once you use an auto-switching HDMI box like this, it’s difficult to go back to one that requires manual control. If you need an HDMI switch, this is the one to buy.

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18 03 2009

The OPPO DV-980H is the latest in the Oppo lineup of DVD players that provide high quality video and audio reproduction at low prices.

oppo dv-980h

oppo dv-980h

The DV-980H is an excellent player, offering solid video performance relying on a Mediatek solution for deinterlacing and scaling and exceptional audio performance (with an increased analog output capability to 7.1 channels, allowing for the decoding of Dolby Digital EX encoded DVDs). Its video quality over HDMI exceeds the competition in its price range and its audio surpasses many more expensive players as well. The 980H will be very attractive to those looking for a universal player that combines high quality video performance with market leading audio performance.

cavo HDMI

HDMI cable

Oppo has learned a lot from their previous players and has incorporated virtually every improvement that years of firmware upgrades have wrought. Once again, Oppo has hit a home run with the 980H. That being said, I honestly don’t see much more they can do with the DVD format and look forward to seeing what they can do with a Blu-ray player in the future.

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Introducing OPPO

13 02 2009

OPPO electronics corp., ltd is a chinese electronics manufacturer and it is primarily known for its upconverting DVD players, which allows the user to convert lower resolution content into a signal that the display device will handle as high definition content.

1957-oppo-logo-black-large1OPPO Shop (Europe), OPPO Digital Inc (USA), OPPO.COM (China) and OPPO Korea are the same brand, but completely different divisions. OPPO Digital Inc designs and manufacturers its own products to facilitate regional needs.

History of the OPPO player

Over the last couple of years, OPPO has garnered a reputation for making great-performing DVD players at reasonable prices. OPPO has continually impressed us with their attention to detail and their ability to continue to push the envelope of price/performance with their DVD players and universal transports.

The mysterious brand (mysterious because initially there were not many OPPO resellers and people passed the word on the internet through forums and blogs) caused a sensation for its reader’s advanced video section, even if they use or not Faroudja technology (a digital enhancement method, primarily used for improving the image quality of low resolution images).

OPPO is a leading maker of next-generation digital electronics, dedicated to enriching people’s digital lifestyles with technology and innovation. OPPO today is one the most dynamic producers of media components that knew his great and deserved popularity thanks to a favorable value for the price of its DVD players.